If you are installing artistic custom railings, it’s very important that you’re working with a South Florida fencing and railings company that can understand the type of work that you need. Railings in Miami FL can come with a wide range of colors and accents. When describing the types of railing items that you would like to install, here are some of the top terms that are common in the industry to guide your progress:

  1. Guard rail: A guard rail is designed for protection and safety. It’s often placed in areas where there could be a long fall.
  2. Bottom rail: This is a component that is often placed lower to the ground and it works as a double layer of assistance.
  3. Top rail: This is a secondary guard rail or protection barrier that sits along the run of the railing.
  4. The post: This is the system that accepts the brackets and anchors the railing to the ground.
  5. Picket: This area is considered to be the connector for the bottom and top rail. 
  6. Railing system: For railings in Miami that are attached to balconies or porches, this describes the full system for your railings.
  7. Assist rail: The assist rail in Miami FL railings is considered for stairways. This is a needed railing that’s also called a hard rail.
  8. Pipe picket railing: this style of railing is designed from a pipe railing and it builds a guard rail system that’s extremely versatile and easy to grip.
  9. Square railing: square railings have the components of a fully square pipe. 
  10. Cable railing: this type of artistic custom railing often comes with cabling that spreads through the middle of the railing which is designed as an extra level of support and design. 

Keep some of these top railing terms in mind when you are working with a contractor. This can speed the process of your railing install and any custom work. 

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