Choosing the perfect custom railings color

Getting a railing that matches the style of your residence or business is extremely important. Artistic custom railings can bring out amazing style in almost any room, introducing railings in Miami that match your décor can also be actually complementary to your architecture. Your railing really acts as a balancing feature of a room or [...]

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Requirements of ADA compliant Hand Railings

Under regulations put out by the American disabilities act, there is a requirement for handrails in almost any new building or a renovated space. As commercial facilities will have to install railings in Miami, it’s very important that you know the requirements for your business. Luckily, there are a wide range of styles available for [...]

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Go Aluminum Fencing over Wood

If you are considering the option for a new fence on your property with South Florida fencing, it’s likely that you have been checking out some of the top materials in the industry. Traditional wood fencing as well as alternatives that aren’t made out of wood can be a great fit for your property. Newer [...]

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