If you are considering the option for a new fence on your property with South Florida fencing, it’s likely that you have been checking out some of the top materials in the industry. Traditional wood fencing as well as alternatives that aren’t made out of wood can be a great fit for your property. Newer style fencing materials could add additional improvements when it comes to overall durability, affordability and style. Here are some of the top reasons to choose aluminum over wood fences:wood south florida fencing


Aluminum fencing can be far less expensive than a traditional wood fence. Most aluminum fences come in premade panels and this can reduce your labor costs on Miami fencing as well. As an additional cost savings, aluminum does not require any type of staining or finish. It also doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance as wood either.


Wood fencing does however require ongoing maintenance and repairs and this often leaves an extra expense in your yearly budget. The overall labor costs of a wood fence are significantly more and the materials will also wear out faster requiring repair more often.

Aluminum fences can come with a number of advantages in South Florida fencing. Choosing aluminum could reduce your long-term costs by up to 40% as well as reduce the amount of time that you need to spend on maintenance throughout your property. Most aluminum fences can last up to 50 

Black aluminum south florida fencing

years versus the 20 years that a wood fence installation offers. 

With less need to spend time on maintenance and staining, a faster installation cost and a number of different styles available, you can get just the look you maybe after with an aluminum fence. Aluminum fences may not come with the same level of privacy that you can get out of a wood fence. However, they can lower a large number of issues that are associated with fencing installations. 

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